Announcing the ZKX Mainnet Incentives Upgrade — Start earning $ZKX on both OG and Pro Trade 🧨

3 min readMar 15, 2024

GM to all! The beginning of 2024 has been an incredibly exciting period for ZKX, marked by the successful launch of OG and Pro Trade. We’ve witnessed over 450m+ volume, 900K trades and more than 24k accounts created 🔥

Building on that momentum, we have decided to upgrade our mainnet incentives and introduce a new feature to Pro Trade.

Adding to the grind & responding to our community feedback, we’ve also extended the ZKX Clan claim period until the end of April. Currently, 8,641 NFTs have been claimed, so act fast!

The blog will detail the reward distribution between OG and Pro Trade from March to December 2024. Let’s dive into it -

What’s New? Introducing Pro Trade’s 24-hour Leaderboard!

You now have the chance to compete on Pro Trade with our newly introduced 24-hour Leaderboard, accessible under Rewards on the Pro Terminal. The rules remain the same, allowing you to compete for each asset — STRK, ETH, BTC, and SOL.

You can also check the history tab where you can choose your market to view your historical leaderboard.

Reward Breakdown of Pro Trade

Participants in each session will earn 5500 $ZKX tokens (locked) based on Profit, Volume, and Loss categories.

Here’s the breakdown👇

In order to be eligible for the PRO trade rewards, the trader needs

  • To participate in a Pro trade trading session
  • To be in the base tier of trading volume 0 to 1,000,000 USD.

Users who cross beyond 1 mn trading volume are not eligible for any rewards for now. We might add more tiers in the future (beyond 1 mn). There will be a separate announcement followed by guidelines for it.

Reward Breakdown of OG Trade

To ensure a balanced reward system between OG and Pro, we’ve adjusted the reward distribution for OG Trade. Remember that OG Trade competitions happen every 30 minutes, with a total of 48 competitions each day, with three categories: Profit, Volume and Loss.

Here’s the breakdown👇

ZKX Roadmap

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes Airdrop Phase 2, followed by the Token Live Event (TLE).

Details on Airdrop Phase 2:

Phase 2 accounts for 12.1 million $ZKX tokens allocated for the Token Community launch.

While the criteria for Airdrop Phase 2 is WIP, here are some of the parameters that you should pay attention to 👇

  1. Clan NFT Badges
  2. Number of Profit, Volume and Loss Badges
  3. Volume generated through the Referral Program (scheduled for launch in April)

Watch for more details on $STRK rewards, which are set to be unveiled in March, followed by the Referral Program, which will allow anyone to refer new traders and earn USDC kickbacks.

For previous updates, refer to our announcements on OG Trade and Pro Trade.

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