Introducing OG Trade Clans: Explore eligibility criteria and reward mechanisms

3 min readJan 26, 2024

Gm & welcome back! The final week of December brought exciting developments with the release of the Road to Mainnet Q1 2024 and the announcement of the OG Trade Exchange. ICYMI, catch up here 👇

By now, you know that OG Trade, a gamified perpetual swap exchange, is hitting the ground on 30th Jan 😉

Wondering what sets it apart? We’re introducing 4 Clans, 30-minute competitions and an exchange where even losers get rewards. We are starting the blog by breaking down the gamification that the ZKX Core Team has been working on👇

Table of Contents

  1. What are Clans?
  2. Meet the 4 Clans
  3. Eligibility Criteria
  4. How do the Clans Work?
  5. Rewards Breakdown

What are Clans?

You have 4 clans, and your on-chain history in DeFi plays a role in determining your clan.

In the section below, we are going to discuss Hierarchy, Eligibility and Rewards.

Keep scrolling towards the end of the blog and you will see a surprise peak of Clan NFTs.

Let’s delve in!

Meet the 4 Clans

  1. DeFi High Rollers- Risk takers and masters of the market
  2. Ethereum Titans — First movers of crypto and power holders in a decentralized world
  3. Pachinko Degens — True users of crypto, driven by gainz
  4. Yakuza Barons — Real early contributors of ZKX

🚨Entry into Clans is on a First Come, First Served Basis. Don’t miss out — check out the maximum members/ Clan below 👇

Eligibility Criteria

🚨 Please Note that if you belong to any of these communities or categories below, seize the opportunity to be part of ZKX’s OG Trade and unlock Phase 2 of ZKX Retroactive Airdrop.

  1. DeFi High Rollers

2. Ethereum Titans

3. Pachinko Degens

4. Yakuza Barons

How do the Clans work?

  1. You will be assigned to your Clan basis your onchain DeFi History.
  2. Membership in Clans is on a First-Come, First-Served basis.
  3. To check your eligibility, you have to connect your L1 wallet that has been whitelisted.
  4. Your Exclusive Clan NFTs will be minted in your ZKX Account on Starknet. The Clan NFTs are commemorative.
  5. There is a Private VIP TG Group for members of Ethereum Titans and DeFi High Rollers.

Rewards Breakdown

Participation in OG Trade Clans, and Community Campaign is the eligibility criteria for Phase 2 of the Airdrop.

  1. Phase 2 of the airdrop accounts for the remaining 12.1% (2.9% claimed for Airdrop 1) allocated for the Token Community Launch.
  2. In addition, the mainnet launch campaign has been allocated 7M $ZKX tokens from Trading Incentives (18%) to bootstrap the DEX during the first two months.

If you miss out on joining a Clan, worry not! You can still engage in trading activities and unlock $ZKX rewards.

Mainnet goes LIVE on January 31st. Just 4 days left, stay tuned!




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