Introducing ZKX Referral Program: The Most Competitive Earnings Program in DeFi 🔥

4 min readMay 17, 2024



  • Banger Opportunity: Contribute to ZKX’s growth by inviting friends and earnings in USDC through our Referral Program.
  • Referral Program: Earn kickbacks based on cumulative trading volume from referred users ranging from 5% to 15%.
  • Monthly Pot: Compete for additional rewards in our Monthly Pot! Top performers on the leaderboard can win up to $5000.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor your referral stats, payouts, and leaderboard position through our dashboard.
  • Exclusive Affiliate Tiers: Join one of the most competitive earnings programs in DeFi! Invitation-only.
  • Airdrop 2: Your participation in the Referral Program also makes you eligible for Airdrop 2.

Gm ZKX Community 🥸

We are here with our first program from our May and June roadmap: The ZKX Referral Program

The Referral program promises an exciting opportunity not just for us but for our community as well. You’ll have the chance to contribute to the growth of ZKX while inviting your friends and earnings in USDC 💰

But wait, there’s more! While most DeFi referral programs follow a similar blueprint, we’re taking it a step further by introducing a Monthly Pot on top of the referral program to to induce peak performance.

Let’s get into it.

Breaking down the ZKX Referral Program

There are 2 ways to game this program based on your performance and hustle 👇

  1. Referral Program
  2. Monthly Pot

Let’s start with the Referral Program first -

Earnings breakdown

  • Kickback Calculation: Your kickback is calculated after applying the discount and adjusting the trading fee earnings per referral.
  • Kickback Percentage: This percentage is derived from the fees generated by the cumulative trading volume of all referees.
  • Earning Calculation: Earnings are calculated at the end of each month.
  • Claim Your Earnings: Your earnings will be auto-credited directly to your ZKX account.

Here is an example of how it works ⤵️

therealzkxdegen is a Referrer

Therealzkxdegen refers 10 people to join using his referral link (remember there are no limits to how many people Therealzkxdegen can refer)

The 10 people that have been referred traded $1,000,000 in volume each.

What that means 👇

Monthly Trading Volume (per referee): $1,000,000

Referred traders get a 5% discount on their trading fee

Discounted Fee = 0.08% — (5% of 0.08%) = 0.0760%

Trading Fee Generated = 0.0760% x $1,000,000 = $760

Cumulative Trading Volume of 10 users referred = 10 x $1,000,000 = $10,000,000

Kickback % = 10%

Total Referral Earnings (Kickback to the referrer) = Cumulative Trading Fee Generated x Kickback%

= ($760 x 10) x 10% = $760

For calculation purposes, you can check our Taker fee here.

Now, let’s dig into the ZKX Referral Dashboard: Track your Earnings here

Visit your referral dashboard here.

  1. Real-Time Tracking: Keep an eye on your referrals’ volume using the Stats dashboard. View a breakdown of your payout, number of referrals, volume, fee share, and fee discount. You can also view this data of from the current and previous month or add a custom period.

2. Live Leaderboard: Track your current position and performance on the live leaderboard. The top 3 positions on the leaderboard will gain access to the Monthly Pot (More about this below)

3. Payouts: All referral payouts are automatically credited to your ZKX Account and can be easily tracked here, allowing you to view your earnings date-wise.

Monthly Pot

Get ready for an extra layer of rewards with our Monthly Pot. Your performance as a referral will directly impact the leaderboard rankings. At the end of each month, the top 3 positions on the leaderboard will receive the following rewards in USDC:

  • 1st Place — $5000
  • 2nd Place — $2500
  • 3rd Place — $1250

Here’s how it works

  • The leaderboard ranks referrals based on their cumulative generated volume for the month, from highest to lowest.
  • Rewards are distributed based on the total trading volume generated by the referees during the month.
  • Performance matters! Your overall performance will determine if you make it to the top three leaderboard.

Gear up and start earning with the ZKX Referral Program today 🚀

Affiliate Program

But that’s not all! We have another program for you: Affiliate Program

This is an exclusive program with one of the most competitive earnings programs in DeFi! You’ll enjoy trading discounts, perks, and sizable USDC kickbacks on trading volume.

If you manage a traders community or have an inner circle of KOLs, this program is for you. Apply here.




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