L2 Wars — Why we chose to build on StarkNet?

AMA Recap — 25th May 2022

  1. Eduard Jubany Tur, Founder of ZKX — a permissionless swap protocol on StarkNet
  2. Brian, Co-founder at zkLend — a money market protocol
  3. Motty — Founder at Braavos wallet
  4. Bran — Co-founder at Starkswap — an automated market maker
  • Firstly, because of our position as a money market protocol, we want to support the borrowing and lending of StarkNet native protocol tokens along with BTC, ETH, other major stablecoins, and blockchain tokens. This will attract more activity, more transaction volume, and a deeper liquidity pool for the whole ecosystem.
  • Secondly, I think StarkNet is emerging to become a gaming network with many on-chain games coming on board and many NFT ideas as well. We want to explore and experiment with how we can do lending and borrowing not just with tokens but also with NFTs. It will be interesting to explore if we can provide a borrowing or lending channel for them and help them leverage their existing resources and attach a DeFi component to it. Also, some of these NFT projects like Realms are making a metaverse of land for gaming. We can potentially look to develop a game NFT loan market for them where they can lend their NFTs to other users during the game and share the profit afterward.
  • Lastly, what we see in the market right now is the crypto derivatives market. I think the demand is both from the retail and institutional sides. We want to explore partnerships with protocols like ZKX to explore derivative financing in our future roadmap. It is an ambitious undertaking, but we want to venture into more exotic missions once the core product is completed and operational.



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