Presenting ZKX Yakuza NFTs

3 min readOct 11, 2023


Welcome to Yakuza NFTs, an exclusive 8888-piece collection curated by ZKX. This is a commemorative collection to acknowledge the loyalty of our early contributors.

ZKX Yakuza: Where Community Meets Gamification

The Yakuza sits at the heart of the ZKX DAO. United by the Oyabun’s vision, find Core Contributors, Ambassadors, and OGs emerging from our community. These three forces synergize to pave the way for the decentralization of the ZKX Protocol. The Yakuza instills the essence of ZKX’s values — Trustless and Borderless. Unified by loyalty to the DAO, their objective is to ensure its growth and sustenance.

A Recap of Yakuza Universe

Launched on Jan 25th, 2023, Yakuza followed the story of 8 characters set in a dystopian future where the government exercised full control over the financial world, the internet and had set their eyes on controlling Ethereum. In this oppressive system, the mysterious Oyabun emerged as a beacon of hope, leading the charge to reclaim the power of the people.

In SZN 1, Oyabun assembled a rebel army in alliance with Saiko-Komon, embarking on a covert war against the government and corrupt officials for over two decades. But victory took work, and in SZN2, Oyabun had to ensure widespread access to the ZKX Testnet for their success. This pivotal moment saw the entry of Ronin, a street-smart hustler renowned for his wit, marking a crucial turning point. Ronin brought strategic partnerships that gave the Yakuza the essential edge and attracted a surge of new traders into their fold.

What’s next?

Now that the Yakuza seasons have unfolded, promising suspense, loyalty, and the pursuit of justice, it is time to reward those who earned Oyabun’s loyalty during this journey before they embark on another mission.

Here’s a breakdown of Yakuza NFTs per Character

Do you think you could claim the boss? Not a chance.


  • Exclusive NFTs — Grab Yours Quickly! — Don’t miss out on these exclusive NFTs for Shatei and Ronin — OG3 and OG4 are in limited supply and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • This is a commemorative collection with no rarity attached to the traits. The NFT you mint is from a random set of attributes per character.

How to Claim?

  1. Click on the “Mint Now” Button.
  2. Log in or Create a ZKX Account here —
  3. Connect your L1 wallet that you have submitted during the whitelisting process
  4. Once verified, you can view your eligible character and click on “Mint Now.”
  5. Pay the Starknet gas fee to mint your NFT
  6. View your NFT in the ZKX Account under ‘Collectibles.’

The claiming period is LIVE from 11th October to 27th October.

Encountering Issues?

  • If you face any problems, simply create a ticket in our Discord’s #tickets channel. We’ve got you covered! 🛠️

Got Questions?

  • For any doubts about this process, head to our #faqs channel and ask away!

What lies ahead in the Yakuza universe? 🔮

You are about to immerse yourself in the Yakuza universe, where their journey continues, promising more challenges, rewards, and a battle that would remind them of their true purpose. Are you ready for what’s to come next?

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