State of StarkWare

Source: StarkWare
  • Generates the proofs and hands off to the Verifier
  • Saves costs by bundling computations of multiple dApps into a single proof
  • Verifies SHARP proofs as valid. If so, the hash is stored in a fact registry.
  • Applications either interface with StarkEx (in the case of enterprise and permissioned applications) or the SHARP directly (in the case of StarkNet applications).

StarkWare Solutions

  1. StarkNet is a permissionless decentralized blockchain that operates as an L2 on the Ethereum network.
  2. It executes transactions and relays the transaction data to the Ethereum mainnet in batches via StarkNet's cryptographic proof called STARKS.
  3. Offers unlimited scalability without compromising security
  4. You can write, deploy and interact with other smart contracts like Ethereum but with unlimited scalability.
  1. StarkEx is a Layer 2 scalability engine that is tailor-made to be used by protocols.
  2. Key Projects under StarkEx are Sorare and, dYdX, and Immutable X.
StarkEx Dashboard
  1. Cairo is the in-house language developed by the StarkWare team
  2. Cairo powers StarkEx, and the native smart contract language for StarkNet
  3. It's the first production-grade Turing complete for creating provable programs for general computation.
  4. Cairo supports a higher degree of computation than Solidity

The StarkNet Story so far

  1. 2021 June: Launched its Testnet

StarkNet's Road to Decentralization

  1. Governance

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The first perpetual futures exchange built on StarkNet that offers complex financial instruments as swaps.