The ZKX Token Launch

3 min readJun 19, 2024


Welcome to the Big Day

It’s been 2 years since we introduced ZKX to the world. Our journey focused on creating an exchange that caters to emerging markets, is safe and truly decentralized, and has reached an exciting milestone.

Behind the scenes, we have worked tirelessly to make this moment possible — $ZKX is going live. Today is not a big day for us; it’s a significant moment for everyone in the ZKX community.

As of today, ZKX has achieved a total traded volume of $2.3 billion, and close to 25k+ accounts created. We’re deeply grateful for the strong partnerships we’ve built and the incredible support from our global communities. This is just the beginning!

Token Generation Event

TGE, Airdrop 2, and Staking: All go live simultaneously.

  • Exchange Listings: $ZKX token is listed on KuCoin,, and Bitget from 9am UTC, 19th June.
  • Airdrop 2: Criteria based on Number of Clan NFTs & OG Trade NFTs, Galxe Campaign, and Referred Volume.
  • Staking: Stake $ZKX tokens to earn a share of the platform’s revenue.

Supply Unlock: At launch, 33% of the ZKX supply will be unlocked after thorough discussions with the community.

Network: $ZKX will be available on both Ethereum and Starknet.

Smart Contract Address

There are 2 representations of the ZKX token; on L1 (Ethereum) and on L2 (Starknet).

  1. For Ethereum L1, $ZKX contract address: 0xB91d822DfEF943165f368D92c16bAc9bD5Ec6842

2. For Starknet L2, $ZKX contract address: 0x0256c74b33f5734c68402cd9433dfa77856f62c6940f54591874527cf898a92

There are 2 block explorers: Voyager and Starkscan (you can use either of them.)

Ensure you use the official ZKX token address and beware of scammers!

Check out our Gitbook docs for more information on —

  1. Staking
  2. How to Stake?
  3. Airdrop 2 Guide
  4. How to Claim your Tokens
  5. Transfer

Eduard, Founder of ZKX, “Two years ago, we launched ZKX with the goal of making DeFi accessible and social. Today, we celebrate a major milestone with the launch of the $ZKX token. This token isn’t just a digital asset; it’s a way to reward the incredible contributions from our community members, users, and partners. It will play a key role in governance, staking, and growth of the ZKX ecosystem. We deeply appreciate the support of our investors who believe in our vision. This milestone marks the beginning of a transformative year for ZKX and our users.”

What’s Coming Next?

  • ZKX V2 — This summer, we will focus on the expansion of ZKX on other L1s and L2s. More details will be revealed in the coming months.
  • New Experience in Derivatives: Our end game is to bring a new experience to derivatives, approaching Perps to bring a social experience to DeFi.
  • 2024 Roadmap: Our roadmap includes Group Trading Competitions, Copy Trading Pools, and Prediction Markets.

The launch of $ZKX is a defining moment, designed to empower our community to be decision makers and shape the future of ZKX in collaboration with the team. This will lead to active participation and long term value for the community members.

Stay tuned for more opportunities and updates to engage with ZKX!




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