Welcome to Starknet DeFi Spring Phase 3 with ZKX

2 min readApr 25, 2024

Welcome to Phase 3 of the DeFi Sprint campaign, featuring Perps and Options. We’re excited to be part of this season and leverage the DeFi Spring campaign to drive activity on ZKX while introducing new users to Starknet.

The moment we have been waiting for 🥸

The Starknet Foundation, in collaboration with OpenBlock Labs, has launched the DeFi Spring campaign to target productive TVL in the ecosystem. As part of this initiative, 40 million STRK tokens have been allocated for distribution over 6 to 8 months to users of the participating projects.

What You Need to Know 👇

The STRK rewards page on ZKX will be live by 2nd May
  1. Campaign Start: Begins on 25th April 2024
  2. Market : BTC, ETH, SOL and STRK
  3. How you can earn $STRK: Your allocation of $STRK rewards will be calculated based on your Trading Activity and Open Interest.
  4. $STRK Claiming Process
  • $STRK rewards are calculated at the end of each batch and can be claimed on ZKX at app.zkx.fi.
  • Please note that the Starknet Foundation reviews distribution of $STRK every two weeks, adjusting allocations based on performance and market conditions.

5. Reward Batch Dates

  1. April 18th to May 2nd: We are currently in the middle of this batch cycle. Users who joined during this batch can claim rewards on May 2nd. Rewards accrual for this batch starts on April 26th.
  2. Going forward, rewards will follow a fortnightly cycle :
  • May 2nd to May 15th
  • May 16th to May 30th
  • June 13th to June 30th

Trade on ZKX to Earn Dual Tokens Rewards 🧨

The introduction of STRK incentives on ZKX presents an exciting opportunity for users to earn rewards in both $STRK and $ZKX. Our goal is to attract new participants to the ecosystem, thereby increasing liquidity and deliver value to our traders.




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