What are ZK-Rollups?

  • L1: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • L2: Lightning Network, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and StarkWare
Scalability Trilemma
  1. L1 — Decentralization, Security, and Data availability
  2. L2 — Scalability, Speed, and Cost-effective
There are two different types of rollups: optimistic and zero-knowledge.
  1. Arbitrum — $2.69B
  2. dYdX — $952M
  3. Optimism — $477M
  4. Loopring — $203M
  5. Boba Network — $94. 02M
  6. zkSync — $77.52M
  7. StarkNet — $186K
  8. ZKX — Coming Soon
Trade Perpetual Swaps like never before



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An upcoming permissionless protocol for derivatives. ZKX delivers complex trading strategies as simple perpetual swaps. Powered by StarkWare.