ZKX Token Listing: The Announcement of All Announcements

Path to Token Listing, Airdrop 2, and Making Perps Social

5 min readMay 1, 2024


  • $ZKX token launches on 19.6.24.
  • ZKX aims to ‘Make Perps Social’, reflected in our roadmap for 2024, featuring the launch of Staking, Social Money Pools, and Prediction Markets, bringing SocialFi to DeFi.
  • Liquidity will be bootstrapped via an LBP on Fjord, after which it will be listed on AMMs and CEXs.
  • Airdrop #1 and #2 and cumulative trading rewards earned before 19th June will be vested over 3 months.
  • Users will be able to stake their $ZKX from 19th June and accrue USDC on them.
  • Tokenomics have been adjusted but community allocation remains the same, with two additional airdrops in 2024.

GM, ZKX Community!

Get ready for the massive update from ZKX 🧵

The blog is divided into the following sections:

Part 1: TLE Date

Part 2: ZKX Narrative: Make Perps Social

Part 3: May to June 2024 Roadmap

Part 4: Airdrop 2 Schedule 2024

Part 5: Vesting Schedule

Part 6: Tokenomics Update

First, let’s start with $ZKX TLE

Now, let’s get into our narrative 🥸

In 2024, the key goal for ZKX is growth. This translates to expanding our revenue, TVL, community, and products. Just under 3 months since launching our two perp exchanges — OG and Pro Trade, we have seen $810M+ in perps traded and over 24K ZKX accounts deployed on mainnet.

To take one step ahead and deliver on growing and expanding our offerings, we’re building on our strategy of Making Perps Social. A natural progression that started with OG Trade which we carried forward to Pro Trade with daily competitions, leaderboard and more.

The end game is to bring a new experience to derivatives. We are approaching Perps to bring a social experience to DeFi. Currently, the Perp market is saturated with little differentiation among products. To cut through this, we want ZKX to be a platform where you can follow your favorite trader out of TG and make money like him. The idea is to 👇

Share and Earn Together. Take Bets Together. Trade Together.

This is also reflected in our roadmap for 2024 — we have a Referral Program, Staking, Social Money Pools, and Prediction Markets. Each product we’re introducing has a unique way of bringing SocialFi to DeFi.

Now, let’s jump to the next section.

May to June: ZKX Action-Packed Roadmap 💪

The next two months will be heavy at ZKX, with announcements almost every week! While dates are subject to change, here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store for you 👁️

  1. Starknet DeFi Spring: Trade on ZKX to earn both $STRK and $ZKX. Your allocation of $STRK rewards will be calculated based on your Trading Activity and Open Interest. Check our announcement here.
  2. New Listings: Starting from 8th May onwards, we’ll introduce a new asset weekly based on our community feedback.
  3. Referral Program: Drive volume to your favorite Perp DEX and get to earn in USDC. The program will be live by next week 😉
  4. ZKX* Galxe Campaign: Complete onchain quests and get to explore ZKX with the promise of guaranteed rewards starting in the third week of May 🚀
  5. LBP on Fjord: You will get a chance to get your hands on locked $ZKX in pre-sale on Fjord. Don’t miss this opportunity.
  6. Token goes live on 19.6.24 on the exchange 🥁
  • We will be listing on selected AMMs on Starknet
  • Centralized Exchange Listings will be announced closer to the date
  • $ZKX Staking will also go live the same day, allowing users to collect the DEX trading fees in USDC (sharing a sneak peak of the UI below)

7. Airdrop — Airdrop 2 is coming in June! Check the section below to see if you’re eligible 👇

ZKX Airdrop Schedule 2024

In our previous communication, we had outlined our airdrop allocation of 15%, comprising 2.9% for Airdrop 1 and 12. 1% for Airdrop 2. However, as we continue to expand our product offerings according to our roadmap, we’ve decided to split the 15% allocation of the token community launch into four segments. Why? To provide ongoing incentives to our users throughout the year -

  • Airdrop 1–2.9m (Completed)
  • Airdrop 2–4m (Live 19.6.24)
  • Airdrop 3–4m
  • Airdrop 4–4m

The second airdrop is scheduled for 19th June, followed by airdrop 3 and airdrop 4 during 2024.

Here is the Criteria for Airdrop 2

  • Number of OG Trade NFTs
  • Number of Clan NFTs
  • Galxe Campaign
  • Referred Volume

Vesting Schedule

Your input shapes ZKX!

After careful consideration and feedback from the community, we have decided on a 33% unlock of $ZKX at TLE for:

  1. Community Airdrop
  2. Trading Incentives

The remaining tokens will be vested daily for 90 days, ensuring a fair & gradual distribution.

Tokenomics Update

Let’s dive into some key updates on our tokenomics 📑

To ensure a successful listing of $ZKX, we’ve removed most investors TGE unlocks, while the team’s and advisors’ tokens will be vested for 30 months.

In addition, we’ve reduced the team allocation to accommodate the Liquidity Bootstrapping pool on Fjord. This pool will be crucial in raising additional liquidity for the ZKX token and DEX.

That being said, the community allocation remains unchanged 🫡

And that wraps up our mega update! We have spent a lot of time thinking about building a strong product to stand out and have planned an exciting lineup of activities for the next two months to ensure that we have plenty to offer our community. The $ZKX token will be listed on 19.6.24, and we have lined up our airdrop 2 criteria and tokenomics in a way that compliments a successful listing for everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up on our Discord.




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